by Kara Noreika

At Evolve Business Consulting, we get it. We know that in business it can feel like because, so many things need to be done at the same time, it is often difficult to know where to start. To make matters worse, the things that often need to be done are those that are not part of your core business but take you away from your business.

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Does your sales team need a new approach? Do you feel like their prospecting and closing ratios don’t match? Contrary to popular belief, selling is not a simple process. Rather it’s a skill to be learned, developed, and enhanced.

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With the help of our leadership training, we guide your leaders and help them better understand their role, how to coach successfully, set the right expectations and hold their teams accountable.

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Building your reputation and increasing your brand awareness is good business. Period. We evaluate your brand and help you discover the best way to build your brand further.

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In today’s world it is of utmost importance that companies consistently find ways to keep their branding and marketing fresh and innovative. We help you identify the best way to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive online world.

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We understand that delivering an effective, motivating and important message to your team or your customer audience can sometimes be a challenge. Our professional speakers are trained to capture the essence of your meeting and highlight your intended message to your audience.

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Let us help you develop the blueprint for your business.

What We Do…

  • Guide your focus on the “bigger picture” of what you want to create for your business and your lifestyle and to propel you forward on your dreams, goals, and tasks.
  • Help you focus on developing you to your highest potential, as well as developing your business.
  • Assist you in identifying and discovering honest insights into the things that are not working; we help you tap the “wisdom within.”
  • Encourage you, support you, applaud you, redirect you, empathize with you, and help you create a fool-proof plan for moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

From startups to established businesses, our clients are looking for the added advantage over the competition when it comes to building their brand, enhancing the customer experience, and meeting sales deliverables.

We take the time to get to know each of our clients, to discover their individual story, and truly understand what it is they want to achieve by retaining our services.  Furthermore, we continue with this strategy throughout the course of this relationship so that we can ensure that we are constantly providing targeted services to our clients.  This all starts with an initial evaluation and the creation of a customized plan.

Our clients hire us on a retainer basis, realizing that the best-earned value comes from a repeatable process and consistency. Our minimum retainer is for a period of 3 months.

We realize that in business, one-size does not fit all.  We work with you and custom design a solution that fits your specific needs.  We develop and create a personalized blueprint for success and pricing is based on your individual plan.

We’ve helped companies discover and grow by inventing a truly individualized approach to growth. Your success story starts here.

“I worked with Jaime at Lennar for about 2 years. I was the Regional Staffing Manager and worked with Jaime continuously to hire Sales Reps for her to manage and train. Jaime was always extremely high energy, and very knowledgeable about the company and new home sales. Jaime is a GREAT asset to any company!”

– Joy House McLaughlin

Joy House McLaughlin

“Jaime is extremely competent and was an excellent asset to our organization. She is very personable and easily built strong relationships with our advertisers that immediately resulted in incremental advertising revenue for Media General.”

– Melissa Azevedo

Melissa Azevedo

“Jaime was always an organized and detailed oriented trainer. She did a great job of preparing for everything she needed to have done. She also had a pleasant and upbeat personality.”

– Latoya Ebanks

Latoya Ebanks

“Jaime was a pleasure to work with. She exhibited dedication and professionalism at all times. I was able to count on Jaime as she was a team player with true integrity. She offered great customer service to her clients and often exceeded their expectations. She would be a great asset to any organization.”

– Jaime Gurley Helms

Jaime Gurley Helms

“I met Jaime in her first week with Clearwire and instantly knew we had a winner here. Jaime is passionate, humble, and truly one in a million. Her charisma and expert advice get everyone a bit fired up to work with her. She is quick to respond to calls and emails and has trained some of the best sellers in our corporation. She is a great asset to the team, a real class act.”

– Matt Drinkhahn

Matt Drinkhahn

“Jaime is an absolute phenomenal trainer. Her personality engages the training class and she has the amazing ability to integrate fun activities into the classes. Jaime makes it easy to learn, and actually makes you look forward to having to go to a training. I recommend her whole heartily.”

– Brandon Scherr, MBA

Brandon Scherr, MBA

“In all my years of taking part in mandatory trainings, I have never came across a trainer like Jaime. She has uncanny ability, to make the material interesting to you. She is extremely outgoing, and easy to talk to. Her trainings that I have attended, have been some of the few in my career that I have walked out of and not said, “Man I’m glad that’s over.”
She is very energetic, and just an all together enjoyment to be around.

Any company she would be interested in working for, would be very fortunate to have her.”

– Matt Holman

Matt Holman

“I have worked in or around corporate America since 1992. In all those years, having logged countless hours in every sort of training program for products and/or sales…Jaime is THE BEST TRAINER I have ever met. She is detailed, professional, responsive and just plain fun to learn from. I highly recommend her to whoever can use the services of a real trainer!!”

– Larry Maybin

Larry Maybin

“Jaime is hand downs one of the most effective trainers at CLEAR. Throughout training, Jaime educated the team on current WiMax technologies and how to efficently target verticals throughout the New Jersey/New York markets. She is a motivated and positive individual who is passionate about the product we sell and will go above and beyond her job requirement to make sure CLEAR will have the best trained employees.”

– Jay Reddy

Jay Reddy

“Excellence describes Jaime’s work product as a trainer. She is best in class and the most recommended in the organization. ”

– Sean Reid

Sean Reid

“At Lennar Homes, I went through sales training classes led by Jaime. She was simply an oustanding, enthusiastic and knowledgable sales trainer. Her energy, encouragement and positive instruction of key principles made the training experience exceptional. You can’t teach selling at that level without being a master yourself. As a person, Jaime was delightful and a sincere pleasure to get to know. I have the highest respect and admiration for Jaime both professionally and personally.”

– Gordon Greenfield

Gordon Greenfield

“Jaime is the best trainer I’ve worked with! The first time I met Jaime I was sitting in an interview with her and 4 other managers – Jaime asked how much money I wanted to make my first year. I threw out a number I thought was high – she just got a huge smile on her face and said absolutely doable!
I was new in the business and had no idea how to sell homes. Jaime took me from the beginning, self generating leads, to the end, closing the sale. When fear held me back, she gave me knowledge and books! The desire and determination to succeed were my own.
Out in the field, some of us joke that we can tell which sales professionals are “Jaime Brown trained”! If you ever have the opportunity to attend training with Jaime – no matter how long you may have been in the business – go for it! She will give you the knowledge, excitement and tools to become more successful.
I made my goal that first year and every year since. I consider myself lucky to have begun my sales career in Jaime’s training room. ”
– Sheila Stephenson

Sheila Stephenson

“On any 1 to 10 scale that I would use to measure the skill and ability of a sales trainer or sales manager I would score Jaime Brown an 11 every time. She is a walking cup of double expresso and a living breathing exclamation point. With seemingly endless energy she performed her duties and most importantly got results from her sales team. Simply stated she’s the best.”

– Bob Jesski

Bob Jesski

“I had the distinct pleasure of attending various trainings lead by Jaime. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Jaime has the ability to adjust her training to accommodate a variety of people in her class (different levels, different skill sets and different backgrounds). She made everyone feel comfortable in her class and everyone was an active participant.

Jaime has a great understanding of the business and is a great resource for information even after training. She is always available and willing to assist the people in the field, and is recognized as someone you can reach out to when you have questions.

Jaime’s knowledge, professionalism, and passion for her work make her a great asset to any organization. I am happy to recommend Jaime for any future positions.”

Peggy Scanlon

Peggy Scanlon

“Jaime is driven by the positive points found in everyday life. She has an attitude and vision that changes the people around her for the better. Clearwire is a better organization thanks to Jaime’s efforts.”

– Thaddeus Kasubinski

Thaddeus Kasubinski

“I had the pleasure of participating in Jaime’s training session. Jaime was knowledgeable,energetic, well-prepared, professional, etc. I could go on and on about Jaime and her character. Jaime is always willing to share her knowledge and skills to make others better. Jaime best quality is her integrity. She has a way of training without making others feel incompetent. She turns everything she does into gold. I truly enjoyed working with and learning from Jaime.”

-Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson


“Jaime has a high energy personality that is perfect as, a top notch trainer, but also as a veteran salesperson. I have been through many different types of training programs and I must say she is probably the most effective trainer that I have ever been involved with. She keeps the information on topic and up to speed, but with an enthusiasm that is rare in corporate America. She truly believes in, and thoroughly knows what she is teaching everyone she encounters in her training sessions. I would recommend her not only as a trainer but in any capacity as a true sales professional.”

-Alan Hewitt

Alan Hewitt


“Participating in Jaime’s training class was an experience I will never forget. I can honestly say there was never a boring minute. Her training techniques allowed me to retain almost all the materials presented and I left the class a more confident and competent sales professional. If I have ever had a question or dilemma, whether operational, technical, or sales oriented, I rest assured that Jamie has the answer.”

– Konstantina Georgopoulos

Konstantina Georgopoulos

Senior Manager

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