Cynthia Nixon from “Sex and the City’ visits Sarasota, FL to campaign for Obama.

by Jaime Marco

Cynthia Nixon from “Sex and the City’ visits Sarasota, FL to campaign for Obama.

by Jaime Marco

by Jaime Marco

Let me first say, as an SJP doppelgänger (for those of you living under a rock, aka Sarah Jessica Parker), I was ridiculously excited this morning when I heard who was coming to speak in Sarasota.  I’m not afraid to admit that Sex and The City has played an instrumental role in my life since 1998. It’s amazing how my girlfriends and I could relate our own lives to each episode. I am pretty sure this connection to the show exists amongst millions of other women across the world. Well, today in Sarasota, we were lucky enough to meet with one of the stars of the series, Cynthia Nixon.  Although many of you may know her better as Miranda, today she wasn’t talking about romance, fashion, heartache and friendship. Today she was helping get out the vote with the Sarasota Democrats. Today she was campaigning for President Barack Obama.

On her first trip ever to Sarasota, one reporter asked Nixon why she chose our beautiful city to campaign in. “They’re taking me all over the state,” she said of the Democratic Party. “I’m in Florida today and Virginia tomorrow. New York is all sowed up so not much I can do there and as we all know Florida is really important; if I reach just one person, it’s worth coming.”

As the voting momentum continues to build across the country, Sarasota Democrats know how the spotlight has been on women’s rights in this election. In an effort to really connect with woman voters in Sarasota, the DNC invited Nixon to come and speak about the importance of women voting for Obama.

I asked her if she would have time to explore Sarasota and she said no but that “so many people have talked to me about the theater, the Asolo and I have to come back to see it. “


Nixon spoke to the crowd of 20 plus at the Sarasota Obama Headquarters on Fruitville Road.  She stressed her personal feelings and connection to this election by stating, “as a woman, mother of a teenage girl, as a gay woman, as a cancer survivor, it’s Barack Obama we have to have for four more years.”

When asked, “Do you think Sex and the City actually increased the rights of women at all?” Nixon answered, “First let me say that I am here of course as myself today, but I know that Kristin, Sarah and Kim are all voting for the President and I know somewhere in TV Land, that Samantha, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are also voting for the President.”

So as a huge fan of Sex and the City but also as an undecided voter, did today’s event get me closer to a decision about who I want to vote for? No. But, am I going to the polls? In the words of Mr.Big: “Abso-freakin-lutely!”

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