From start-ups to established businesses,

we develop a customized blueprint for your success.

From start-ups to established businesses,

we develop a customized blueprint for your success.

by Kara Noreika


At Evolve Business Consulting we give you a customized plan based on your wants and needs and develop the best approach for getting you to where you want to be. Starting with the goals identified during our initial meeting, we can provide customized options to ensure that we accomplish each of your goals. By utilizing a multi-tiered approach, we are able to increase your business without taking an approach that would only serve to overwhelm you with a “throw everything at the wall” approach to see what sticks. Years of experience have shown that slow and steady wins the race and has a more lasting effect in driving your business forward.


Does your sales team need a new approach? Do you feel like their prospecting and closing ratios don’t match? Contrary to popular belief, selling is not a simple process. Rather, it is a skill to be learned, developed, and enhanced. Whether you have a sales team of 2 or 102, if they are not trained, they are losing money for you every day. Our team of coaches have more than 50 years of combined experience in selling everything from newspaper advertising, to real estate, to telecommunications, to insurance and more. We will train your team to be better listeners, and better communicators, and thereby better salespeople. Our training works in conjunction with your corporate culture and will enhance the program you currently have in place.

Our Business coaches help break down the psychology of selling and customer service and create a path for success. Our consultative sales approach and processes guide your team towards identifying what matters most to your customers. Utilizing our processes you create customers for life. From building rapport to identifying your clients’ needs and wants, we teach your sales team practical tactics that allow them to create a path for success. While most companies use scripts, we teach a process which is much more valuable than any script could ever be. Our process, coupled with each individual’s personality cultivates greater success. We’ve trained thousands of sellers, sales managers, leaders, and customer service professionals around the globe and have helped them significantly increase their sales and develop their client relationships.

Additionally, what sets us apart is that while most sales training fails to have a long-term impact due to lack of follow through, our programs include both pre-course shadowing and post-course coaching. Our sales training programs deliver higher learning engagement and address all learning styles to maximize retention. In our courses, skills are learned, applied, and transferred in real time.


Great coaches develop players who produce the results that create winning teams. The same goes for great leaders. We understand that managing a team means interacting with all different behavior types; sometimes getting along with all of them can be a challenge, which leads to slower productivity and missed deadlines. We also understand that each day is filled with distractions and unexpected challenges and that it’s an ongoing effort to remain focused on the things that matter. Your team needs a clear direction, as well as constant reinforcement of expectations to stay on task. With the help of our leadership training, we guide your leaders and help them better understand their role, how to coach successfully, set the right expectations, and hold their teams accountable.


Building your reputation and increasing your brand awareness is good business, period. We evaluate your brand and help you discover the best way to build your brand further. We help you identify the best ways to increase your brand awareness across all platforms. In addition to online branding, additional tactics such as tradeshows, advertising campaigns, public relations campaigns, sponsorships and such, are also an important aspect of your overall branding. Our team will help you make the best choices.


In today’s world, it is of utmost importance that companies consistently find ways to keep their branding and marketing fresh and innovative. We help you identify the best way to stand out in today’s increasingly competitive online world. From web development, to social media, to comprehensive planning for your online content marketing and development, we provide you with an effective strategy to succeed in the digital world.


We understand that delivering an effective, motivating, and important message to your team or your customer audience can sometimes be a challenge. Our professional speakers are trained to capture the essence of your meeting and highlight your intended message to your audience. We invest time in researching your industry, your issues, and your customers and then deliver a message that makes a lasting impression. Our speakers create unique and memorable moments.